每月档案:April 2015

Free bus to Party in the Car Park

[Image: University of Kent]

梅德威Activities is going to停车场的聚会,,,,The Kent Union summer ball! This year is a once in a lifetime 50Thanniversary special not to be missed.

Medway活动将进行free transport from Liberty Quaysto the Canterbury campus available to Kent and Greenwich students registered with Medway Activities.

Tickets will be available to purchase for £40 from停车场网站上的聚会

免费注册Medway活动或预订您的座位email medwayactivities@kent.ac.uk(Medway students only).





这project Acousmatic Transcendence aims to develop alternative sound diffusion setups and to firmly establish the relation between the two sound systems: MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre; from the University of Kent) and EAP Acousmonium (from Vienna). Combinations of systems are extremely rare and have not been deliberately done to see the implications of such mixtures; software and hardware synergies will bring interesting starting points for exploitation of the systems and spatial exploration. The MAAST/Acousmonium combination system will take full advantage of the spatial acoustics of the Slip 3 Mezzanine at Chatham Historic Dockyard, and will choreograph the sounds in the architectural space, making the actual building an integral part of the performed works. There is a strong emphasis on the use of technology and the acousmatic experience, i.e. listening without necessarily seeing an originating source or cause of sounds.

Aki Pasoulas, Director of MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre)
Thomas Gorbach, Director of The Acousmatic Project V


Professor Jiangzhou Wang of the Communications Research Group in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts has been leading the organization of the 2015 International Conference on Communications (ICC) which takes place in London, from 8Thto 12Th六月。ICC是通信协会的旗舰会议之一,这是世界上最大的专业技术协会电气和电子工程师研究所最大的社会之一。这次重要会议的伦敦版为学术研究人员和行业与会者提供了广泛的活动计划。预计将有超过2,000人参加。

这technical programme has been led by Dr Nathan Gomes, who is one of the two Technical Program Chairs, and it attracted record numbers of paper submissions (over 3,300), with some 1,280 papers being accepted. Workshops attracted a further approx. 1,250 paper submissions, of which nearly 500 will be presented. Nathan says “We believe that we have the busiest and most vibrant programme ever put together for a Communications Society conference. Not only are we expecting record numbers of papers to be presented and record numbers of attendees, but there are excellent industry panel sessions, and a new Chief Technology Officers forum, which are sure to generate incredible interest”.

Dr Huiling Zhu, also of the Communications Research Group, and Dr Cyril Isenberg have been heavily involved in the local organisation. “We have a fabulous venue for the conference banquet”, says Huiling, “the Pavilion in the Moat at the Tower of London, being greeted by Beefeaters, and being given a short tour of the Tower – this will undoubtedly please our international guests!”

ICC 2015 is being held in the International Conference Centre at ExCeL:http://icc2015.ieee-icc.org/



View the 2015 Kent Student Awards入围名单。

Kent Student Awards认识并庆祝学生对肯特学生体验的杰出课外贡献。



After the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday, it has been suggested that many of you would like to contribute to a collection for those affected.

这money raised for this collection will be sent to the Red Cross Appeal.


Bitesize beginners’ classes in French and Spanish May 2015

APOLOGIES – THESE CLASSES HAVE NOW BEEN CANCELLED。任何查询,请发送电子邮件:languageexpress@kent.ac.uk

语言Express Bitesize课程为您提供了一个机会,在5月12日(法语)开始的五周初学者课程中,在5月19日(西班牙语)开始学习法语或西班牙语(西班牙语)

有关日期和费用的更多信息并了解如何申请,请访问www.kent.ac.uk/language-expressor email:languageexpress@kent.ac.uk

Free English classes

这Centre for English and World Languages (CEWL) is offering two hours of free English classes in Keynes College for non-native speakers of English every weekday from Monday 15 June to Thursday 9 July 2015 from 13.45 to 15.55.





A programme is available and we invite you to join us in the Rochester Boardroom at 09:30. The event will run until 12:45 and includes lunch.

我们可以证实,蕾娜康伯巴奇,多样性anager at the Royal Society, will give the keynote address. A panel discussion, led by the Dean, Professor Mark Burchell, will give participants the chance to discuss the initiative and find out what we’re doing here at Kent.


要了解更多信息并注册活动,请转到Athena SWAN website