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向上和向上 - 领导在线学习的妇女

Professor Ruth Blakeley, University of Kent Aurora Programme Champion would like to encourage women in academic and professional service roles to participate in a research survey investigating women’s career development and leadership experiences in higher education.

The research has been commissioned by the Leadership Foundation who run Aurora, a leadership development programme for women in higher education and will track the aspirations and experiences of women in the higher education sector in the UK and Ireland over four years.


Please note, all responses will be confidential. Only members of the Loughborough University team commissioned to undertake the research will see them. You will not be identified by name or by implication in the published reports and papers arising from this project.


如果您愿意参加希望成为一个非常令人兴奋的项目,请访问问卷: if you would like to more about the study, please have a look at the project或联系人


Monday 11 April – Sunday 5 June, 2016


如果有任何疑问,请在Extn 3209上与Estates Helpdesk联系。


The Gulbenkian and Marlowe theatres are looking for East Kent residents who are NOT regular theatre goers – to find out why not!




Pay What You Decide – Best of BE Fest

4月6日星期三下午6月6日,欧洲四个角落的头串表演。来自意大利的“ Quintetto”是Tida的“ Quintetto”,这是今年伯明翰音乐节第一奖奖获得者;剃须刀敏锐而互动的喜剧和物理剧院作品,涉及严肃的拳头,以涉及预算娱乐的现实。“ #sobrejulieta”是一部单人表演,渴望成为西班牙公司Grumelot的对话。使用一个相当著名的吟游诗人(2016年是他的400年纪念活动)作为观众心脏的一种方式,“ #sobrejulieta”使用英语,西班牙语和投影视频文本,对充满过度的爱情故事进行了当代的改编。第三次演出,名为“哨子”是来自爱尔兰Squarehead Productions的Darragh McLoughlin。

Gulbenkian are trialling a Pay What You Decide ticket policy for Best of BE Festival 2015. You reserve your tickets in advance for free. You enjoy the show. Then exit you pay what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay, based on your overall enjoyment of the performance.


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Save a copy of any files today您可能想访问。



它maintenance is advertised in advance on服务警报.

Refurbishment of K Bar – Keynes College

Refurbishment of K Bar – Keynes College

Friday 8th April – Sunday 8th May, 2016

作品将于2016年4月8日开始进行翻新K Bar。在作品中可能会有一些噪音和破坏,尽管已努力将其降至最低。作品将于2016年5月8日完成。对于可能造成的任何不便,我们深表歉意。

如果有任何疑问,请在Extn 3209上与Estates Helpdesk联系。

Funds available to support departments employing students on campus

Thinking of recruiting? Why not employ a student through the Work-Study Scheme? You could be eligible for match-funding of up to £500!


This funding will enable CES to match-fund Academic Schools and Professional Services who advertise eligible paid roles for students this academic year (up to a maximum of £500 per new school/department). For example: if you recruit a student for 10 hours at £8.99 per hour,

Are you considering recruiting soon? Do you have a role that would suit a student or could be amended to employ a student? If you are interested in employing a Work-Study Scheme student, contact Hannah Greer或01227 824038。


Fancy getting your bike checked over for free by the CyclingAge guys? Dr Bike will be outside the back of Rochester Building on Wednesday 6 April.




Transport Team twitter:@unikent_travel

Watch new Think Kent lecture videos

Check out thelatest lecture videos在YouTube上的Think Kent系列中。

Similar to TED Talks, these 15-minute videos feature Kent academics speaking about their research and theinternational impactit has had.

因此,无论您是想了解更多有关新癌症治疗的信息还是发现乔治国王疯狂背后的医学谜团,watch the Think Kent playlist和subscribe for additional weekly Think Kent lectures.

University Cecilian Choir and Sinfonia on Radio 3 and in concert this Thursday lunchtime

The University Cecilian Choir and Sinfonia were featured on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Choir’ on Easter Sunday, with a profile introduced by Dr Michael Hughes from the School of English, a member of the Choir. You can listen back to the feature online here: which the musicians can be heard perform Monteverdi’s ‘Beatus Vir.’

The Choir and Sinfonia will perform at St Peter’s Methodist Church on Canterbury High Street this Thursday lunchtime, in a programme of music by Vivaldi and Mozart. Admission is free – more details here: