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The KentVision Programme has launched anew SharePoint site我们希望邀请您访问该网站以了解有关该计划的更多信息。

The University is going through a major business change programme in implementing a new student management system for the 2018-19 academic year. The new site is being launched to provide a resource for you as stakeholders.

There is information about the Programme, what we’re doing and the areas we’re working in, including a range of FAQ’s that could have the answers you’re looking for (but if not, we look forward to hearing from you!).

And it’s not just somewhere for a one off visit, we will be providing updates and adding more content all the time – it’ll be worth you coming back! We’ll keep in touch to let you know the best times to visit again.


KentVision Open Forum to be held in December. All Staff welcome – come along to find out more about KentVision, what we’re doing and what it means for you.

  • 坎特伯雷 - 周三13thDecember, 2.30pm
  • med– Thursday 14thDecember, 2.30pm

Room information and more to follow soon.

Interfaith Event 6 Nov

A mini-symposium on the theme of ‘Life after Death/Destiny’, with input from members of five World Faiths, will take place on Monday 6 November from 18.00-19.00 in Keynes Lecture Theatre 5.


Leaders of student faith groups and societies will also showcase some forthcoming events.

Fine Art show in Rochester during December

From 8 -13 December, BA (Hons) Fine Art 3rd year students will again be holding their annual interim show in the historic Chatham House on Rochester high-street.

The building, a Georgian brewery in the process of being restored, offers a series of extraordinary spaces over three floors, some undisturbed for decades. They include an intact 18th century wine cellar, a family chapel and grand formal staircase.


Last year’s show attracted over 200 visitors to the private view alone and grants 3rd year students a valuable opportunity to take their work into the ‘real’ world beyond their studios.

Working as a group, students curate, manage the budget and publicise the show gaining experience of a public audience and of working together in preparation for their final exhibition and degree show in May.

This year’s show opens on Friday 8 December running until Wednesday 13 December, 11.00-16.00, and is open to the public.

地点:查塔姆研究所,大街上,罗彻斯特,肯特ME1 1DA

New Approaches to Teaching for Experienced Staff

Colleagues are invited to attend the next session of the ‘New Approaches to Teaching for Experienced Staff at Kent’ taking place on Tuesday 7 November, 12.55-14.00 in the UELT Seminar Room.

Presented by Chloe Street Tarbatt, School of Architecture and winner of the Humanities Faculty Teaching Prize 2017.




On this basis, new strategies are being developed to enhance our student’s understanding of the educational opportunities afforded by this approach by raising awareness of the important dialogic learning that can take place through immersion in communities of practice, and through embedding reflective practice into our teaching and assessment processes.

To book请一个地方email

An image of Drill Hall Library with red brick and an arched frontway

Improving connections between Pembroke and Chatham Historic Dockyard

Last year the Medway Strategy Group challenged students from Kent School of Architecture (KSA) to suggest ways of improving connections between Pembroke (the Universities at Medway campus) and Chatham Historic Dockyard and creating a stronger sense of place at Medway.

根据KSA同事Chloe Street-Tarbatt和Jef Smith的监督,学生们在2017年5月底分组三天三天。这是一个非常有趣的设计挑战,结果非常令人印象深刻。


We would like as many Medway students and staff as possible to visit the exhibition and reflect on the students’ ideas.

We would also encourage feedback – comments can be left in the book provided.





Simon’s PhD project, considered industry in Roman Kent and the role of Roman Military therein, was entitled ‘Late Roman Kent’ and supervised by Dr Steve Willis. Last year, Simon published his first historical book, Sea Eagles of Empire: The Classis Britannica and the Battles for Britain (The History Press, 2016).

The event is part of the Londinium season, a series of events to tell the city’s Roman story. Tickets cost £5 (plus booking fee), which includes wine reception.


If you would like to follow Simon’s research, please go to his website at where you can sign up for his newsletter, orfollow him on twitter at @SimonElliott20.





The 2017 exhibitors include:

  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • 英语和世界语言中心
  • Chel-C UK Education Ltd
  • 特许语言学家研究所
  • Civil Service Fast Stream
  • CRCC Asia

Intelligence Corps Engagement Team (British Army) Teach First Institute of Translation & Interpreting

For further information, please请参阅SECL网页。

Tonbridge Center的短课程

Sign up for Psychology course at Tonbridge

The world, and specifically the workplace, revolves around people. This short course in Organisational Psychology is for anyone with an interest in how people work, coupled with a desire to improve organisations and the working lives of the employees who inhabit them.


Course fee:£175 or £87.50 for Kent staff

The four sessions cover:

  • Group decision-making;
  • Selection and Assessment;
  • Employee Health and Well-being; Equality and Diversity.

每个两小时的会议,由导师黎明H Nicholson从心理学学院那里,将包括一个提供关键组织和心理背景的讲座;一个团体或个人运动;和促进的问答会议。

The focus will be on providing practical insights, tools and tips you can apply in the workplace or in everyday life.

Full details can be found at theTonbridge Centre webpagesunder the psychology heading.

For more information or to book请联系01227 82(4990)或email



Come and join us to celebrate the launch on our new Ideas Café, Tuesday 31 October, 17.30-19.00 in the Templeman Lecturer Theatre.

我们的就职演讲的谎言,谎言和德mocracy!! Is democracy working?’ will explore the concept of democracy in the 21st century and ask whether lies, propaganda and fake news are among some of the key challenges of our age.

Stretch your mind on a wide range of topics and join the discussion in an engaging, informal and open community. Practice presentation and discussion skills in a safe environment. Open to everyone at the University of Kent

未来的想法咖啡馆聚会将于Templeman讲座的第一个星期二举行17.30-19.00;和一个月的最后一个星期二|G |01/02,Templeman图书馆。

Search for Ideas Café on Facebook or visitour blog.