Winter Concert

这beautiful Royal Dockyard Church (Chatham Historic Dockyard) provides the stunning seasonal setting for a feast of musical offerings from University of Kent (School of Music and Fine Art, Medway) ensembles, the University choir and band and University chamber orchestra on 13 December.



Kumpo:World Percussion Ensemble

Franz Schubert: Symphony No. 3 (D.200):大学室内乐团(Medway)

Pop, Rock and Soul Choir

Seasons of Love: Jonathan Larson

Merry Christmas Everybody: Slade


Otono Porteno:Astor Piazzolla –室内音乐论坛

Phase Study-Guitar Ensemble


Aligato-Andy Scott

Charm or Smarm-Will Gregory


Nothing Personal-Don Grolnick

Go Daddy-o:Big Bad Voodoo Daddy –小乐队

University Choir and Band (Medway)

这Lamb:John Tavener

从'歌剧的一个夜晚': 女王




Centre for Professional Practiceis delighted to announce the launch of the Advanced Journal of Professional Practice (AJPP). The AJPP is an online open-access, work-related journal dedicated to sharing of experiences and gold standard practices from anyone working in a professional role, as well as academics and students.

You can access the journalhere

这AJPP has been established as a portal for new knowledge created for the advancement of professional practice. AJPP hosts new creative work and welcome submissions of traditional or untraditional nature, but which demonstrate translational work-related professional practice application “, said Dr Claire Parkin, the Editor-In-Chief of the AJPP.

John Wightman, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said: We welcome the appearance and creation of the Advanced Journal of Professional Practice (AJPP). The founding of the AJPP at the University of Kent will allow for the publication of new knowledge and innovations of a work-related professional practice nature or practical advancements. It will encourage its readers to apply new knowledge and skills or to unearth new found inspiration to develop innovative practices within their workplace.

如果您有兴趣发布您的作品,请发送电子邮件查询AJPP@kent.ac.ukand submissions via the website.

Kent’s Centre for Professional Practiceprogrammes and short courses give you the opportunity to gain academic recognitions for the skills, knowledge and experience you have developed in your workplace.

Christina Kim in Linguistics and Philosophy

克里斯蒂娜·金博士系的讲师glish Language & Linguistics, has just published an article in the journal Linguistics and Philosophy, entitled ‘The Division of Labor in Explanations of Verb Phrase Ellipsis’, co authored with Jeffrey T Runner (University of Rochester, USA).

语言学和哲学是一个季度journal that focuses on issues related to structure and meaning in natural language, as addressed in the semantics, philosophy of language, pragmatics and related disciplines. The journal began 1977.
这article examines the phenomenon of Verb Phrase Ellipsis (VPE), a syntactic construction where the main verb is omitted from a sentence, as in the second sentence in: ‘Christina emailed Mike. Jeff will, too.’

Ellipsis, or the omission of a word, has been a central topic in theoretical syntax and semantics for decades, in part because theories of ellipsis must explain how a sentence containing ellipsis is nevertheless interpreted as though missing elements in the sentence are still present (the above sentence is understood as Jeff will email Mike, too’). Much of the debate has centred around the nature of the relationship between the ellipsis site (‘Jeff will, too’) and the antecedent clause (‘Christina emailed Mike’), which the meaning of the ellipsis seems to depend on. The article presents an empirical study of acceptability in Verb Phrase Ellipsis, and argues for a particular division of labour between grammatical requirements and discourse constraints.



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Amy Li

小刀艾米·李(Amy Li)关于文学边界

Dr Xiaofan Amy Li, Lecturer in the Department of Comparative Literature, has contributed an essay to the newly published edited volume Minding Borders: Resilient Divisions in Literature, the Body and the Academy (Legenda, 2017).

这essay, entitled ‘When Do Different Literatures Become Comparable? The Vague Borders of Comparability and Incomparability’, explores the state of the discipline of Comparative Literature as a matter of crossing borders, and considers how far discussions, in the philosophy of comparison can revise critical thinking and methods in comparative literature.

这edited book Minding Borders, where the essay is published, traces the troubling and yet generative resilience of borders. It explores how borders define as well as exclude, protect as well as violate, and nurture some identities while negating others. A book launch event was held on the 27 November 2017 at St Anne’s College, Oxford, where Amy joined the discussion with the editors Matthew Reynolds, Adriana X. Jacobs, Ben Morgan, Mohamed-Salah Omri, and Nicola Gardini.

Find more information about thebookand讨论事件。

Alex Marlow-Mann on world cinema

Dr Alex Marlow-Mann, Lecturer in Italian in the Department of Modern Languages has co-edited a new collection entitled The Routledge Companion to World Cinema (Routledge, 2017), alongside Professor Rob Stone (University of Birmingham), Professor Paul Cooke (University of Leeds) and Dr Stephanie Dennison (Unversity of Leeds).


这本书是一个新书系列重建世界电影的一部分:区域紧张局势和全球变革,与罗布·斯通(Rob Stone)(伯明翰大学),保罗·库克(Paul University)(利兹大学)和斯蒂芬妮·丹尼森(Stephanie Dennison)(利兹大学)一起共同编辑。将于2017年11月23日星期四启动。

For more details, please see the出版商的网页


University Chamber Choir students work with leading British composer

Students in the University Chamber Choir had the opportunity to work with one of Britain’s leading composers in rehearsal on Tuesday 28 November, in preparation for singing in the University Carol Service in Canterbury Cathedral.

这choir was privileged to welcome Russell Hepplewhite to Colyer-Fergusson Hall, to work on Russell’s Star of the East. It can be a daunting prospect, performing a composer’s work in their presence, but the Choir rose to the occasion magnificently.

Hailed by the Evening Standard as one of the brightest young talents to have emerged in recent years, Russell’s award-winning work has been commissioned to critical acclaim by English Touring Opera, and his choral works are part of the recent Genesis Choral Library series launched by Banks Music Publications. His next work, ‘Moonfleet,’ is set to open at the Salisbury Playhouse in April.


new years dinner


这Student Learning Advisory Service would like to invite all International Students to a traditional New Year’s Dinner on Friday 5 January 2018 (during the winter vacation), 18.00-20.00 on the Canterbury campus. The venue will be confirmed nearer the time.

This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy an evening of traditional British food, to meet up with the other ‘stay on campus students’, to enjoy some music and break the monotony of the winter holiday. The dress code is smart casual, but feel free to dress up if you wish.


If you are around during the holidays, book a placehere

Professor Colin Seymour-Ure

Condolences for Colin Seymour-Ure

这School of Politics and International Relations is very sad to hear of the death of Professor Colin Seymour-Ure.



His publications cover the role of the press and broadcasting in a wide range of issues and institutions: Downing Street and White House news management; election campaigns; images of Tony Blair and John Major in the太阳andDaily Mirror;新闻党派;媒体男爵的力量;媒体政策;政治谣言。他撰写了伟大的漫画家大卫·洛(David Low)的传记,并帮助了由格雷厄姆·托马斯(Graham Thomas)博士(Prosper)创立的英国卡通档案馆。

Seymour-Uure教授是Hansard Society的理事会成员,由议会工作人员和学术界组成的议会小组研究主席。在1970年代,他在政府新闻委员会工作了两年。后来,他在哈佛大学以及华盛顿,澳大利亚和加拿大工作。六年来,他主持了独立电视委员会的主席,负责就ITV的广告规则提供建议。他从2002年开始担任名誉教授,直到2017年11月去世。


Professor Richard Whitman
Head of the School of Politics and International Relations

Celebration of Life Reception

Colleagues are welcome to join a Celebration of Life Reception on Wednesday 20 December at 14.00 at Canterbury Cricket Ground (Harris Suite), Old Dover Road, CT1 3NZ.

这reception will include tributes to Colin from family and friends, and a light finger buffet will be served. All are invited to attend and, as this is a celebration of Colin’s life, you are invited to wear something cheerful.

To help with catering, please emailjudy@seymour-ure.org.uk到12月10日,如果您能够参加。

Santa Run

Santa Run


运行对所有人开放!欢迎员工,学生和校友,个人,运动队和部门。所以抓住你的朋友,上your best Santa costumes and come and get festive.


Cost: suggested £2 donation. Proceeds to CoppaFeel – a breast cancer education charity aiming to prevent late detection of breast cancer and misdiagnosis. The Uni Boob Team will be at the event talking to participants about the importance of boob/peck checking habit from an early age!

• Best dressed individual
• Best dressed Club Team
• Best dressed Staff Team
• Best homemade costume

• Register at the Sports Centre or Pavilion receptions
• Emailsportsdevelopment@kent.ac.uk
• Book throughwww.letsplay.simplybook.me