Student walking in Canterbury Cathedral after collecting their degree

Sign up now to help at this year’s Celebration Ceremonies and Congregations

Thank you to everyone who has already offered to help at this year’s Celebration Ceremonies and Congregations.

Graduation is a key moment in the lives of all our students and, following the pandemic, we’re keen to ensure this year’s ceremonies from March onwards are extra special.

It’s great that so many colleagues across the University have already shown an interest, but we always need more help – for roles from ticket collection to graduate registration, ushering and handing out certificates.

Benefits for you

These are wonderful occasions to share with our graduates and help celebrate their success, but there are plenty of other benefits for you too, including:

  • The ceremonies are a great way to get to know colleagues in both your own team and across the University.
  • If you work two or more ceremonies, you will receive a free lunch/dinner.
  • If you’re on grades 1-6, you can claim for TOIL (time off in lieu) or overtime payments.
  • If you’re on a higher grade, you may be able to claim time back, subject to agreement with your manager.

Find out more

Watch our videoon how you can help make our ceremonies extra special!

Further information on what’s involved is also available in ourCongregations Factsheetand you can find out about theceremony dates here. Feel free to email us you have any questions.

If you’re ready tosign up, please completethis formasap.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Liberty Chambers and Chloe Cooper, Congregations team