Your views your NSS. Complete the survey by 21 February and get a free hot drink on campus

Complete the NSS by 21 Feb and get a free hot drink on campus

TheNational Student Survey (NSS) 2022is now live at The University of Kent. The survey is open to eligible final year undergraduates, who cancomplete it today.

Free hot drink!

To say thanks for completing the survey, the University will be offering you a free hot drink on campus until 21 February 2022. See how toclaim your free hot drink online.

What is the NSS?

The NSS is the largest UK wide annual survey aimed atfinal year undergraduates in the UK.

The survey provides students with an opportunity to give their honest opinions on what you liked about your course at the University of Kent as well as things that you feel could have been improved.

The survey is administered by Ipsos MORI, an independent market research agency on behalf of the UK Higher Education funding and regulatory bodies, so yourresponses remain anonymous to your university or college at all times.

Why should I take part?

  • The NSS provides you with the opportunity to provide honest feedback on your student experience;
  • Your opinions will be used to improve the student experience at the University of Kent;
  • The feedback you submit is taken very seriously and informs the quality assurance system with regards to teaching quality;
  • Results are published and used by prospective students, their families and advisors to make decisions on what and where to study through course comparison websites like Discover Uni.

More information about the NSS is availableat the OfS website.

What happens with the results?

The NSS results are published to help prospective students, their families and advisors make informed decisions of where and what to study. This is available on Discover Uni.

Universities/colleges and supporting Student Unions also use the data to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and bring about change to improve the experience for future generations of students.

Inappropriate influence

A studentguide on inappropriate influencesets out what the NSS is and how it is promoted by providers. The guide details what may constitute inappropriate influence and the types of promotion universities and colleges are, or are not, allowed to undertake. It provides details on the help and support available to you – if you feel you are being or have been influenced in how to respond to the survey, along with the process in place to investigate allegations of inappropriate influence and what happens in case of a breach of guidance.

Your Views, Your NSS at the University of Kent.